The ALU-SPAN Series of pre-engineered structures are a lightweight aluminium framed fabric construction, suitable for interim or permanent applications.

The anodized box beam framing system is tensioned using industry leading tensile membranes. Rapidly installed and fully relocatable, ALU-SPAN is designed to be packed and shipped quickly and easily.


Tough but lightweight, ALU-SPAN structures are cost effective to transport and provide a versatile and durable building option.

Resting on galvanised steel base plates or ground beams, no foundations or footings are required for most short-term installations. This allows for the utilisation of anchorage stakes, connection pins and nuts and bolts, for quick and easy construction.

ALU-SPAN is available in either AH (A-Frame) or TFS (Curved) profiles.


Designed with additional finishing options which include specialised fabrics, doors, windows, lighting, air-tight negative pressure environments and HVAC systems;

ALU-SPAN has a wide range of accessories to suit all requirements.


ALU-SPAN is perfectly suited for interim or permanent applications in Aviation, Military, Mining, Industrial, Environmental, Remediation, Warehousing and Sport & Recreation.